Sunday, 1 June 2008

Opportunity Knocks Online: The ‘MySpace’ Phenomenom

If a person sets up his own ‘MySpace’ page, they place themselves firmly in the electronic global community, but for those who want their talent to be recognised, the online service is the way that they currently set about achieving this. Referring you back to last week’s entry in this showbiz blog, the actress and singer-songwriter Paloma Faith took advantage of the benefits of having a ‘MySpace’ page, and recently got herself signed to Epic Records. The method of opening doors for hopefuls who possess talent has changed over the years. Today, it is much more an interactive an affair. Even my own web log contributed to this useful trend seven days ago with the profiling of new faces on the showbiz scene, a few of whom had not been profiled in any other celebrity-based blog or magazine. Putting oneself out there on the world wide web can provide a straight line to exposure that will help these types of careers flourish. Established stars have also been reaping the benefits of creating your own ‘MySpace’ page, particularly people like Lily Allen. The latest to try this method of letting the world know you have talent is Lulu Popplewell, the younger sister of Anna Popplewell (‘Girl With The Pearl Earring’, ‘The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe’).
In the last few days, I checked out her page, and was surprised to discover that she had done some audio files of songs she had composed. They may be home-made recordings, but the bare pit atmosphere they generate gives them a certain freshness. I was impressed enough to download them. Budding musicians, actors, actresses and writers now have a suitable platform to start from. Whoever created MySpace has certainly built a new highway for talented performers in the showbiz world to reach stardom.

The little girl at the heart of Moffat's wonderfully baffling story

Seen The Future And It Works - Moffat Takes Charge

Getting down to brass tacks, the news that Steven Moffat is stepping into Russell T. Davies’ shoes is a further assurance that the future of ‘Doctor Who’ is no longer in jeopardy. Under his guidance, I believe that the show will continue on, probably until The Doctor reaches the end of his thirteenth incarnation. Even then, the possibility that it could continue after that could become a reality if Moffat is still in charge by then. If not, I feel that he has the judgement to instil in his eventual successor a passion to keep the show going for as long as it can.
However, the future is an unknown creature; we have yet to see whether his personal vision makes or breaks the longevity of the show. I lean towards the former being the likeliest of scenarios.

In terms of the programme as a whole, Moffat has proved to be the strongest of the current crop of ‘Doctor Who’ writers. In the twenty-seventh season, he delivered the chilling, multi-layered two-part story ‘The Empty Child’, turning a simple question into a frightening one. Such was the popularity of the tale that he wrote two more stories: the tragically romantic scare fest ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’ and ‘Blink’, the Doctor-lite story, which won a Nebula Award and featured what many Whovians consider to be the scariest monsters in the programme’s forty-five year history, the Weeping Angels. Yesterday, he moved the fear factor up a notch or three with the first instalment of his latest two-parter ‘Silence In The Library’. Using great skill, he has woven an intricate, three-pronged storyline that only the second part can make the various threads more coherent, so you get a greater sense of what just is going on. Moffat taking over will provide Whovians with the welcome certainty that he will raise the bar in terms of storytelling and that he’ll employ writers ‘who’ will help him to realise this goal.

Greenlighted – Movies & TV Shows In Production

Against The Current – Michelle Trachtenberg, Joseph Fiennes, Justin Kirk.
Farlanders – Jeff Daniels, Melanie Lynskey, Maggie Gyllenhaal.
He’s Just Not That Into You – Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, Ginnifer Goodwin.
A Christmas Carol – Jim Carrey, Christopher Lloyd, Fay Masterson.

TV Shows:
Trinity – no cast announced.
Life Bites – no cast announced.
The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher – no cast announced.
Being Human – Andrea Riseborough, Russell Tovey, Guy Flanagan.
The Last Word Monologues – no cast announced.
Dani’s House – Dani Harmer, Zoe Salmon, Harry Culverhouse.

The Gossip Pot
Usually it is Lindsay Lohan who makes headlines that cause Dina, her mum, to become annoyed and embarrassed. This time, the reverse has happened. An episode of Dina Lohan’s TV reality show has sparked the anger of viewers after it appeared to show her allowing her other daughter, fourteen year-old Ali, to be in the room whilst a sex tape was being played on the video recorder . . . Andrew has his Nancy; twenty-eight year-old cabaret singer from Blackpool is to take this coveted part. However, I did wonder whether Samantha should’ve gotten the role, but the public has spoken …Guesswork is still proving to be the order of the day as Angelina Jolie’s representatives are neither confirming nor denying whether she has given birth to twins. Fear not, if someone spots her with a double buggy, then we’ll know for sure.

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