Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mamma Mia - 11th July

Musicals that simply use songs by a particular artist or group don't turn me on. However, Abba are one of the two exceptions. The reason for this is that the group's songs lend themselves very well to musical theatre. Indeed, Bjorn and Benny teamed up with lyricist Tim Rice, to write 'Chess', which led to the Swedish songwriting team composing a tenth UK chart-topper, 'I Know Him So Well'.
Again, I am faced with a surprising casting choice for a movie musical, Meryl Streep. I think, unless I'm very much mistaken, this is the first time she has done a film of this sort. The plot itself is a solid enough one, but I suspect that people will see it for the Abba songs. And why not!
The group's music is fabulous, plus the show is the most popular of these 'jukebox musicals'. I do hope that it doesn't lead to any others being made; I don't want to see a movie version of 'We Will Rock You', as much as I love Queen. The only other exception to my rule is a musical containing the songs of The Beach Boys - that I'd definitely go and see.


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